(Applying the Principles Covered in Foundation in International Benefits)

The aim is to build on the material covered in International 1: Foundation in International Employee Benefits to develop an understanding of the following issues:

  • The employee benefit objectives of a multinational company 
  • The funding and risk management aspects of providing employee benefits
  • Management of risk benefits
  • Pensions and employee benefit provision in Brazil, China, India and Russia and a regional overview of Africa, Asia and Latin America to highlight the different practices of pensions and employee benefit provision
  • Benefits for internationally mobile employees
  • The employee benefit implications of mergers and acquisitions
  •  Trends in employee benefit provision

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Examiners Reports and Question Structure

The question paper for the 2019 Exam is in the Past Papers section of this website.  The examiners report for that exam can be found here (April 2019 Managing International Employee Benefits Examiners Report,  as can reports from the 2016, 2017 and 2018 exams to give an understanding of what examiners were looking for to gain the necessary marks.

April 2018 Managing International Employee Benefits Examiners Report

April 2017 Managing International Employee Benefits Examiners Report

April 2016 Managing International Employee Benefits Examiners Report

The question structure for the 2020 exam has slightly changed, and as part of your revision we would suggest you review this document (IEBA Exam Question structure Oct 2020) before the exam itself.

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ADRP Study timetable - Autumn 2022

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Mock Examination       Mock Examination Notes